Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall dress

I visited my "refashion" pile this week, looking for something that seemed like autumn, and wound up with this little dress for Ailidh.
She loves it.

Here's the original skirt. When I found it this week, I loved the fall colors.  I don't remember where it came from - it was a size 16 and the lining was torn in several places.  I think that I meant to cut it down to my size and repair it.  But it seemed to be asking to be turned into a dress.

 About an hour later, and there it was!  (I ended up changing my mind a couple times as I was making it, but later on I can share a rough idea of what I did, in case you'd like to make one of your own.)

  Perfect for sitting.

Or spinning.

Or chasing shadows...

 I had a tiny bit left over, so of course I couldn't waste it.  I made it into a little infant dress, simply adding some elastic that I had.

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