Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There's a chill in the air...

Time to break out one of my all time favorite things; an item that belongs on the top of every "10 things you couldn't live without" list.


I am the not-so-proud possessor of two very cold feet (as my husband can attest!) and in the winter they can never seem to get warm. I experimented with several "bed warmers" - the hot water bottle worked, until one leaked one night! Electric blankets were so lumpy, and I'd wake up in the night too hot! Then I tried making a small pillowcase and filling it with field corn. It worked wonderfully (although I often got a strange craving for popcorn)! Since then, I've made a few changes: I use jasmine rice, combined with various essential oils and herbs. This gives it a wonderful smell when heated! I also now put a washable "pillowcase" over the rice sack, to make cleaning easier. I have given so many of these away as gifts, and everyone loves them!

Here are just a few of the uses of the rice bag:

Heat and use for sore muscles, tummy ache, earaches, cramps.
Keep in the freezer and use for sore muscles.
Warm those cold sheets (and cold feet!) in the winter.
Little ones make the perfect pocket warmers on cold winter days. Just heat and pop them in your little one's pockets. When their hands get cold, they can just slip them in their pockets for a quick warm up!
Keep some little ones in the freezer for a instant cold pack for "owwies"
Stick in the stroller to help keep baby warm on winter walks.
Wonderful to soothe colic in a newborn!
Juggling (if you're my husband!)

Here's what I did:

Cut 4 rectangle pieces of fabric (2 for the inner bag and two for the cover). I usually use three basic sizes: 7x11, 7x18, or 4x6. I like a heavier material for the inner bag and a cute print for the outside.

Sew three sides of your inner bag pieces, wrong sides together. I use 1/2" seam allowance.

Fill with jasmine rice, mixed with your favorite blend of scents. (Use about 6 drops of essential oil for 6 cups of rice)
Here are some ideas:
Cinnamon and citrus for hand warmers.
Lavender and Ylang-Ylang for colic soothers
Geranium and ginger for cramps and tummy ache

Sew the opening shut, turning in about 1/2" so that no raw edges are exposed.

Sew three sides of your outer bag pieces, wrong sides together. Turn .

Make a small rolled hem along the open end.

Attach two pieces of ribbon along the hemline of the open end to use for tieing the bag shut.

Decorate as desired!

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